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Desert landscaping plants need not mean only sand, stones, and a cactus or two. Many people are surprised to find that there are a variety of colorful and beautiful plants, shrubs and trees belonging and thrive in extreme desert conditions. According to desert the United States, using them to dry, sun loving, native plants for desert landscaping can make your landscape incredibly attractive while conserving water and minimizing the time, energy and costs spent on maintenance.

The range of cactus varieties available for desert landscaping plants is almost endless, with many bright and colorful flowers. The plants require very little water to survive, and can generally thrives in low-nutrient sandy soil of the desert with very little or no contribution. Among the most sought after an attractive of these are big saguaro cactus, which can grow to a height of 20 feet, thrive in full sun, requires little water and produces showy white flowers in spring.

Another pear variety is englewood mann hedgehog, which grows to about a foot tall and spreads out to about two feet wide. This cactus also bloom in spring, produces beautiful magenta flowers. Prickly pear cactus is often found in desert landscaping plants, produces gaudy flowers and bright red fruit.

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