Garden Drought Tolerant Landscape Plans

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Applying Drought Tolerant Landscape Plans

Drought tolerant landscape plans – A drought-tolerant landscaping may sound as if you have a limited selection, but there are many plant species grown by nurseries that can thrive on low water. A specialty garden of drought-tolerant plants can be included in landscape design. And it will not cost you an arm and a leg in the water to keep it thriving. If you are familiar with the USDA hardiness zones but not sunset zones, it is important to note that USDA zones are problematic.

As they do not take the unique western climate and elevation differences in short distances. Sunset Western Garden book provides growing zones that are far more effective for Western states, and is recognized by all plant nurseries. A cactus garden is the most water-efficient specialty garden you can grow. Most cacti do not need any extra water in the desert, but succulents look better with an occasional watering during the hot months. So, cactus is good plants for your garden drought tolerant landscape plans.

For most visual interest, pick species that are high, short, grass-like and ground-spreading. Strong verticals are trees “Ocotillo” (Fouquieria splendors) and Saguaro (Carnegie gigantean) good choices. Fat cactuses, which fishhook barrel (Ferocactus wislizenii), is short and thick. Desert spoon (Dasylirion wheeler) is a good grass-like succulent and purple prickly pear (Pontiac violates “Santa Rita”) sprawls along the ground as well as to add color to your drought tolerant landscape plans design. All these are hardy in Sunset zones 10, 12 and 13.Drought tolerant landscaping designs for sw texas,

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